Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Summer is here, complete with heat, humidity, and pesky mosquitoes.  The little buggars love me so much that I can't even go outside for one minute without being attacked.  I currently have 5 bites on my face that make me look like I have zits.  Hurray for summer!

Now, where's that sarcasm font....

I really do despise the heat, so for those of you who love it,  I apologize in advance for offending you.  Heat = Sweat, and Sweat = Yucky.  As much as I love all things vintage, this is one area where I fully embrace modern technology.....Air Conditioning!  Can not, and will not, live without it.  So there.

Perhaps it would be different if I felt I could wear cutesy sundresses and shorty-shorts, or even a bathing suit to go swimming in.  Alas, at this point, I cannot. 

I have gotten off track on my weight loss journey.  I have not gained any weight back (hurray!), but I have not progressed any further (booo!).  So, my goal of reaching 60 pounds lost by October will have to be adjusted.  But, starting today, I am re-motivated to get back on the ol' horse and get to gallopin'!  I'm still proud of myself for getting to 20 pounds lost, and if I were already at my target goal, I'm doing all of the right things to maintain.  But, I'm not at my target goal, so I need to stop pretending that all I need to do is maintain.  I didn't go through all of this hard work to remain at 175 (technically, for the last two months I've been hovering between 172-175).  I will be 135 again, I will, I will!

So, I have next summer to look forward to for wearing things such as these:

(funny aside, this polka dot dress I actually found on a clearance rack at a department store here, and lusted after it immediately.  It was also in a size 16, which I thought, hey, after losing 20 pounds, surely it will fit!  Alas, it was too tight in the waist.  I was tempted to buy it anyway knowing I'd eventually fit into it, but I talked myself out of it.  Now that I know I can find it online - I ripped this photo off of where I found it - I just may have to buy this one.  It's so 30's-inspired, don't you think?  Yes Husband, this is THE dress I was going on and on about.)

For those of you in the US, have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend!