Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gardening Time Already?

Just a little over a month ago our yard looked like this:

And now it's already time to start thinking about gardening!  It's almost like we skipped spring and went straight to summer.  It isn't even the end of March yet and we've been getting 80 degree weather.  Crazy.

As of today, our yard looks like this:

What's with all the tires?  Well, I got the brilliant idea to use them to do raised bed/container gardening.  We didn't want to spend the money on buying lumber to build "real" raised beds, and the tires were free from the dump.  Lay down some thick layers of newspaper, put the tire on top of it, and add layers of mulch, cut grass, potting soil and compost and voila!  Perfect little circles of gardeny goodness that will be easy to keep weed free.

We're getting some free strawberry plants from Husband's boss (free is always good!) so I'll be able to put my experiment to the test sooner than expected.  Our yard is kind of shady so doing a raised garden will aid in the plants getting enough sunlight - the higher they are off the ground the better the sun can get to them.  Plus, the black tires will retain heat - but due to the shade in our yard they won't get overheated.

In the future I might paint the tires so they don't make the yard look all ghetto, but in the mean time I'm excited to conduct my experiment.

What's going on in your garden right now?