About Me

Hi, my name is Betsy, aka Gingerella.

Welcome to my little bloggy about my life and interests.

I'm 43 and married to a wonderful man, and am owned by two darling cats and one awesome dog.  No human kids.....yet.  We live in the great state of Nebraska, where I've lived all my life.  Go Cornhuskers!

I'm a "Jack of all interests"......or should that be a Jill of all interests?  There are quite a few different things I love to learn about and do, and some of them are contradictory.....like loving Star Trek and Little House on the Prairie. :)  But that's OK.  I may write about my love for all things Ginger Rogers one day, and write about learning how to can jelly the next.  Or my latest knitting project, followed by my opinion on the weight loss industry.  Expect the random, and love it. :)