Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Great Hair Experiment part deux

So I finally figured out how to download pics off my new camera, heh.  I'm still so tickled over having this little blue beauty, the photos are so crisp!

Which can also be a little scary when looking at pictures of myself.....and my knee jerk reaction is to cringe and wonder if that's how other people see me.....    *shudder*

As I was looking at these I began to chicken out of posting them.  Don't want to scare anyone away!  But it's also made me even more motivated to take better care of myself and lose this  #%@^!%  weight. 

But first let me really scare you with a close up of the top of my head, so you can understand what I'm dealing with here. 

Ignore the grey, but see all that lovely pink scalp showing through?  Right now I can still do the ol' comb over to hide most of it.  Hopefully it won't get worse.

So now that we have that out of the way, here are my feeble attempts at hair stuff. [deep breath]:

Ignore the scary look on my face.  This was my first ever attempt, done on Christmas day.  The back looks much better:

There you can actually see the waves created from the alternating directions of the curls.

My second attempt was New Year's Eve. 

And this was today. 

Scary expression again.....the wave on the right side turned out really good this time, though the back and other side were awful.  And it's all uneven because of the stupid layers.  Grow hair, grow!!

Still with me?  Monitor not cracked?  OK, whew.  Sooo.....that's me.  :)


  1. Just a thought, but are you taking too much vitamin A? (You don't have to give me answer.) Hair loss is a side effect of vitamin A overdose.

    Love the hair style on you. I hope you are able to perfect it. My hair has almost never done what I want it to do, so I understand your frustration.

  2. Just whatever is in my multivitamin, and in the food eaten. I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago but foolishly never did anything to manage it until now; one of the symptoms is male-pattern baldness. It's funny, I've always hated my hair....but not to the point where I didn't want it anymore!

  3. I'm going to respond to the last two entries here. I went to a salon that told me they could do pin curls on me, so I think you could find one pretty easily. Actually it was when I bobbed my hair that they suggested I should return for pin curls.

    I felt exactly the same way as you when I first posted a picture of me online. I would scare everyone into never speaking to me again. Thankfully that did not happen!

    But anyway I love the hairstyle! It looks so cute. My mom uses product to keep from losing too much hair, but shh don't tell her I wrote about it here. ;)

    Well you seem to have the hairstyle down. I got mine to slightly cooperate by using curlers then combing it into a shape of sorts.


  4. Yeah! Good job, Gingerella! Thanks for posting those pics. :0)

  5. You look lovely! That hairstyle really suits you and my moniter hasn't cracked you silly thing! x

  6. Yay! It's delightful to finally put a face to the blog ;) keep the pictures coming dahhling! Lovely job on the curls hun! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  7. The hair do an New Years turned out great,well done! My hair never does what I want,it really has a mind of it's own that way lol practice makes prerfect so keep up the great hair dos! :)

  8. Sweetie, you are positively gorgeous! With those HUGE eyes and gorgeous skin....what the heck am I looking at that's so bad? I know, I know....I'll read further down, but still!

    I'm so glad you took these photos....it's wonderful to put a face to the name!
    (Gorgeous NYE photo too!)

  9. You did an excellent job! You look beautiful!

  10. Ah, thank you ladies. I know I tend to get really down on myself.

    Kathryn, it's funny you say that because I'm having, along with the hair, such horrible skin problems lately. I'm glad it didn't show up in the pics!

  11. You are such a cutie pie! And you have gorgeous eyes. I love your curls!


  12. Hi gorgeous gal, what great first attempts! The second try in particular turned out really lovely - you should be super proud of yourself!

    Tons of hugs & happy wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  13. Hi Gingerella! Great work on the hairstyle! As a dude, I am not too well versed on the ways of hairstyles, but looks great to me!


  14. Hi there! I found you through a friend of a friend this evening and I love your blog!

    The hair looks lovely, and I like that NYE pic especially.

    Have a nice night!


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