Friday, July 16, 2010

A Birthday, An Award, And More Random Stuff's FRIDAY!!!!!!

The best day of the week, dontcha know.

And this Friday, July 16, happens to be my hero's birthday, Ms. Ginger Rogers.

Today she would have been 99, a fact that seems mind boggling to me.  I spend so much time with my head stuck in the past, and all of these people seem so real and currant and are very important to my life that I "forget" that they're either very elderly, or passed on.  I know, silly huh?

Anyway, in tribute to Ms. Rogers, I thought I'd post a clip of one of my favorite comedic Ginger scenes ever, the infamous catfight scene from Vivacious Lady:

ha...ha....ha.....  :)   It doesn't get any better than that.

Moving on....

I've received another blog award!  Thank you to Bonnie of themuse30 for thinking I'm worthy.  *bows down* I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!  Ok, that was my Wayne and Garth moment for the day.  Hopefully that was it.  Anyway, thanks again Bonnie! :) 

As part of the "rules" for receiving the award, I'm to reveal 7 random things about myself and then pass the award on.  Here goes.....

1.  I've been a chronic nail biter all my life, occasionally stopping once in a while to let them grow out all long and girly, but inevitably I'll cycle round to biting them again.  Currently I'm in a long and girly phase, and I'm hoping it will last!

2.  When I was in Jr. High School I was in the Miss Junior America Pageant.  My 15 minutes of fame came by association when in the dressing room the girl next to me zipped my dress up for me...she went on to win the pageant and got a modeling contract with Seventeen magazine and Cover Girl.

3.  I took ballet lessons for several years growing up, and even got up to pointe shoe level.  I never really took it seriously though or even practiced (wow, you have to practice!?) and was relieved when my mom let me quit in the 9th grade.
I've thought about trying to find somewhere around here that gives adult lessons....maybe when I've lost more weight....hmm....

4.  It would be a sad, sad, sad world without Diet Coke.  Hi, my name is Betsy and I am a Diet Cokeaholic.

5.  In addition to ballet, I also took piano lessons for several years, and violin lessons through the school; I played in the orchestra from 4th grade through my senior year of high school.   As if that weren't enough, I also sang in choir.  Call me a jack of all music, master of none.

6.   I'm a Harry Potter geek.  I re-read the books at least once a year, watch the films several times a year, frequent Harry Potter websites and message boards, and my new trip destination (when we have any money again) is the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando.  I want to knit myself a Gryffindor scarf, and I will wear it proudly (right after I finish Husband's Minnesota Vikings scarf.....that's been quite the frustration and deserves a blog unto itself!)

7.  I'm also a Laura Ingalls Wilder geek.  If finances would have allowed it, right now I would be at the first Laurapalooza conference in Mankato, MN.  I read biographies and scholarly essays about her, frequent blogs and message boards devoted to her, and have even visited one of her Little House home sites in DeSmet, SD (with Husband patiently in tow).  My dream trip would be to roadtrip to all of the Little House sites and museums one right after the other.....right after my trip to Orlando, hehehe.

So there you have some fabulous random knowledge about little ol' me.  Aren't ya glad?  :)  As for passing on the award, I have way too many blogs that I adore, so I am passing it on to everyone!  Now go pat yourself on the back, copy the award to your blog, and post your 7 random things.  Because I said so.

I have quite the story to relate, but that will have to wait for further developments.  Let's just say that after having blogged about my dad's side of the family so much, now my mom's side gets a turn!  Blog most definitely to come.

Have a fabulous weekend, watch some Ginger tonight and stay COOL out there!



  1. It's Diet Pepsi for me! And I agree - it would be a sad, sad world without it.

    Hot here in Lincoln, too - supposed to hit 100 tomorrow. Methinks it's time to stay in and start working on that novel. ;-)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. One comment before I read the rest of your post - You wrote that you "forget that they're either very elderly, or passed on. I know, silly huh?" Not silly at all. Genealogists do it all the time. I get to researching in the past and sometimes have a really difficult time getting my brain to refocus on the present. Now to read the rest of your post...

  3. Congrats on the award. It was fun learning some more interesting things about you. Looking forward to more posts.

  4. Great post, Gingerella! It just DOESN'T get better than Ginger's 'altercation' with ol' what's-her-name! When she decks Charles Coburn - classic.
    Congrats on the award! you have an awesome blog, which has always been entertaining, informative, but yet... 'cozy', if that makes any sense...
    Thanks for your support of G-ology, and I hope to be able to get more features and stuff on there in the near future!

    Keep It Gingery, Gingerella!!!


  5. How's that Minnesota Vikings scarf coming? And why would you ever NEED a scarf in Florida?

  6. Love the movie clip,lol! Thanks so much for sharing, I haven't seen that one!

  7. Just letting you know, I nominated you for a “Hidden Gem Award” :) There is an icon you can put on the side of your blog if you want.


  8. I loved watching Little House on the Prairie on TV and had the books from the library. I used to read the Harry Potter books to my son.


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