Friday, September 24, 2010

When Life Hands You Lemons....

When life hands you lemons....

ask for salt and tequila! 

So, you have probably noticed that I've made over the look of my blog a little.  It may not be permanent, I was just looking for something a little more feminine looking.  There's so many cute blog backgrounds to choose from, I just might keep experimenting!  

Plus, I felt perhaps a makeover was needed to rejuvenate things.  Not that I'm no longer into vintage and the lovely Ms. Rogers, not at all!  It's just that I had never intended for this blog to be a vintage-only one, but I got stuck in the mindset that I shouldn't write about anything unless it was vintage related.  That's just one facet of my life, and I want to be able to write about anything and everything.....especially since I'm heading into a new phase of my life.

What's that all about?  Well, c'mere and I'll tell ya.......*whispers*  Husband and I are gonna try to have a baby!!!!  :)

What a thrilling, and terrifying, prospect that is!  The odds are against us with our age (I'll be 38 in Nov. and Husband will be 44 next month), and my known fertility issues from having PCOS, but we're at the point where we can no longer say "someday.....someday."  Someday is here, now.  Our window of opportunity is closing rapidly, so we're just going to bite the bullet and see what happens.

I've always considered myself a late bloomer, and I guess this is part of that.  I've never felt a huge maternal urge to have children other than superficially, until now.  I recall thinking a few weeks ago about the proverbial biological clock ticking, and saying to myself, "So this is what it feels like."  Now, I'm fully aware, and prepared (I think) for the fact that we may never be parents.  But at least we will have tried.  I don't want to be 50 and full of regret for waiting too late and never trying.

I've been taking steps to improve my health and am back in the right mindset to continue to try and lose some more weight, as the more I lose the better it will help my fertility chances.  Although, I learned a hard lesson this week about extremes.

Caffeine is a fertility culprit, and is known to exacerbate PCOS symptoms because it acts as an inflammatory.  So, this week I decided to stop 100% cold turkey drinking anything with caffeine in it.  Me, the Diet Coke-aholic who also has a bottle of No-Doz (caffeine pills) in my purse.  (!) 

Well, Tuesday was Day 1.  By noon I was ready to go home sick from work with a migraine level headache, but I stuck it out until quitting time.  Tuesday night I felt like my entire head from the neck up was in a vice grip.  Wednesday was no better and I stayed home from work.  No amount of ibuprofen helped.  Thursday rolled around and I thought, "It's GOT to be better today!"  Nope.  Stayed home sick from work again.  By Thursday afternoon I was in so much pain I was crying and ready to throw in the towel.  I guzzled a Diet Coke, and within 30 minutes was pain free and back to normal.

Ugh.  I felt like a junkie trying to get clean, but couldn't hack it and so slunk off to my dealer with my tail between my legs for a hit.  No more cold turkey for me, thanks.  So, if you're a mega-caffeine drinker and wanting to cut down or stop, take it from it gradually! 

I've been obsessed with reading pregnancy books and visiting websites that deal with babies and parenting.  One good thing about staying home from work in the middle of the week, excruciating headache notwithstanding, was that I could watch to my heart's delight all of those TLC A Baby Story shows, hehehe.  I'm also obsessed with watching Kate Plus Eight, 19 Kids and Counting, and all the other TLC shows about multiples.  It drives Husband insane that I like these shows, but do I complain about him watching ESPN and football?  I do not.  Live with it, baby.  :)

That's all for now, have a great, headache-free weekend!


  1. Like the new look , have fun experimenting. Good luck with all your endeavors. Just remember the watched pot never boils.

  2. The new look works!

    People always underestimate the power of the hook that caffeine sinks into you. Don't get down about it. It hurts. It's hard. Be proud to try, and try again if needed.

  3. Great news, Betsy!!! Hope everything goes well... and as some encouragement, we have a one-year old, born when I was 43 and my wife was 38... it's awesome! Work, to be sure, but awesome! And NEVER fret about 'am I ready to be a parent?' one EVER is... but it is the most important and gratifying experience anyone could ever have... Y'all are in my prayers, if that's ok...

    As for caffiene, glad to know I'm not the only addict! I did the EXACT same thing at work - said, 'ok - I am no linger drinking DMD (Diet Mountain Dew, my poison of choice)... and by 1:30 in the afternoon, it was 'axe in your skull' city... and on the verge of passing out... we were having a company meeting (timing is everything, right?) and I DID manage to survive thru it, barely... immediately afterward, I had to drive to the nearest 'quic-mart' and grab two 20 ounce DMD's... I think I had one halfway downed by the time I got back to work, 5 minutes away... we're a sad lot!!! :-] But I AM trying to 'wean off' of them, just by drinking more water during the day... it's a bit better... hope your experience goes well!

    AND, new look is great! Of course, I LOVED the Ginger pics, but we all know where you stand with Miss Rogers! :-) I have thought about changing the G-ology 'look', but everytime I open up the page and see that just ain't ever gonna change... :-]

    Well, quite the reply - hope all goes well, Gingerella!!! and KEEP US UPDATED!!!


  4. Oh, honey! Congrats on the decision to start trying! My thoughts are with you for a quick "accomplishment"??

    As for quitting caffeine cold turkey, are you INSANE???

    Slow and steady, girlfriend...

  5. Love the new look and am so excited for you!!! I developed PCOS after I had my daughter so I know some of the challenges you're going through. I had to have an ovary removed about five months ago due to this stupid stuff. Just no fun.

    Hoping you have success soon!!!

  6. So excited to here about the "baby making" news! I hope all goes well and have fun trying! Also, I'm loving the new look!


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