Sunday, November 6, 2011

Homemade English Muffins

I made English muffins today!

I used this recipe from the Tasty Kitchen.  They were super easy, but very time consuming.  Most of the waiting comes from the rise time, and the time to cook in the skillet (10 minutes per side, so I had two skillets going at the same time so I could get more done at once).

I can't wait to try one with my breakfast tomorrow, where I'll make my homemade version of a sausage egg muffin everyone loves from the restaurant beginning with "Mc".  One more food item from the grocery store that I no longer have to buy, now that I know how to make my own, AND know everything that's gone into it.  

It's becoming increasingly important to me to learn how to make as many things from scratch as possible.  Not only is it cheaper (in most cases), but healthier to boot.  Yes, it's more time consuming and requires more planning, but I don't mind.  It's worth it, in my opinion.  

What have you made homemade lately?


  1. Those look so yummy!!! The last thing I made was some pickled green tomatoes (to use up the ones still left on the vine). I've been too scared to try them yet though, since I've never had green tomatoes before...

  2. So? How was it? How was that English Muffin?

  3. Actually they were heavier and more....hamburger bun-like than is desired in an English muffin, but definitely still edible. I think I used too much flour or over-kneaded. Or, it could have been this particular recipe, I don't know. I'll keep experimenting though until I get it perfect! Thanks for asking!

  4. Last homemade food I made was zucchini bread, I believe. I need to get back to baking more!

  5. These look delicious. Good for you for trying. Have a pot of beef bones on the stove right now. Making my own beef broth for soup.


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