Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Goals

I'm late in getting up a "New Years Resolutions" list as it seems everyone did theirs last week.  :)  But that's OK.  I actually hate the term "resolution" because it sounds like something you have to go to court over.

Now....what in the world do I want to work on this year?  Here's some thoughts:

  1. Health.  No fad diets or extreme workouts, thank you very much.  My focus is on health, not weight.  I'm concentrating right now on incorporating more fresh fruit and vegetables into my diet, eating a wide variety of things, and watching portion sizes.  Also, getting more exercise, and better sleep (always elusive).  If I lose weight as a result, yay!  In fact, I already have.....six pounds over the last two months.  But my goal is overall improved health, for the long term.  I'll expound on this on a later post.

  2. Reaching Out.  I'm very introverted by nature.  Not a bad thing per say, but it does cause me to miss out on a lot life has to offer.  I'd like to work on stepping outside my comfort zone and connecting with people more, and try new things.  One thing I did last spring that has helped me start on this path:  a return to singing in a choir.  I was scared stiff, but I'm so glad I did it!

  3. No Fear.  I'm tired of letting fear prevent me from going forward in life.  Whether it's fear of failure, or of being judged, or a fear of investing a lot of myself into something to find out it's not for me (wasted effort), it's time to get over myself.  All of those "Someday, I'll do this (insert activity here)" wishes are lined up and ready to be explored, because Someday is here.  I'm not getting any younger, after all.
Just those three things cover a lot of areas, baby.  Here's to 2014, and what a new year, and a new outlook on life, have to offer. :)

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