Thursday, April 8, 2010

Miss Me?

Whew, it's almost been an entire month since I last posted!

I apologize that it's been so long, and that I haven't been keeping up with all of your blogs as well.  I've been doing a very poor job in managing my time....please forgive!

That said, this weight loss business has really become like a full-time job in and of itself! 

The last month I've been stuck in a rut - the last time I posted I announced that I had lost 15 pounds, but that's also where I've been stuck at all this time.  I hit my first plateau and have kind of been treading water without moving forward any further. 

Then, just this week, I stumbled onto a resource that I think will aid me in getting past the hump and back on track: .

Here I can track every morsel of food and every drop of liquid that goes past my lips so I can see where I'm actually at with calorie/fat consumption....and I can track my exercising to tally up how many calories burned each day....and SparkPeople will tell me if I'm over or under for each.  There's a wonderful community of people on their message boards sharing tips and support that has been a wonderful help.  I've become quite obsessed with the site, spending all my free time there lately.  If you're on your own weight loss journey, check it out!

For some interesting, er....entertainment, check out this YouTube video my dad emailed me.   It's from 1944.

(I tried to embed it in this post but it wasn't working properly.  Click the link to watch!)

It was interesting to note what their body shape was.  They were lean and athletic yet still feminine with no uber-toned muscles or rippling "six-packs" like you see on gymnasts or dancers today.  Definitely a softer and prettier kind of look, versus a "harder" modern look. 

Have a great weekend, and I promise I'll get back in the blogging swing o' things!


  1. Welcome back!
    I have been on Spark People for years and love it! (when I am good)My user name is Cherryred. Come friend me on my spark page!

  2. gingerella! Glad to see you back around. I have lurked around your blog for a while. Love your blog and wish you the best. I need to start the battle of the abundance sometime myself. Perhaps I will peek at Spark People...

  3. Its great that you're still on your weight loss journey. Glad to hear that you're well.

  4. Naomi: Cool, I'll definitely come "find" you over there! :)

    Lorie B: Aw, thank you! I wish I had more interesting things to blog about instead of just my boring life, lol.

    James: Thank you, kind gentleman! :)

  5. Yes, I missed you. I was getting worried! Glad you are okay. Congrats on the weight loss. Even if you are at a plateau, you lost some. Yay! Will take a peak at the links.

  6. PS Just checked out the Ross Sisters. I wouldn't look like that even if I was "skinny". I'm not built like that. :)

  7. Yay! you're back, I was wondering about you the other day ma'am :) it's wonderful to see you back here in blogland! Head on over to my blog when you get a moment, I've a little something for you :)

  8. Hurrah! I'm glad you're back! You're right about the modern "look": it's all wrong imho, too chiseled, too far from what real people look like!

  9. ...I wanna be a mailman... :-]

    Great to hear from you, Gingerella! Hope your 'regimen' gets rolling again... summer usually is the optimum time for losing much more stuff going on outside, and more free time, for whatever reason....

    BTW...that video...quite interesting... even more so when you are strung out on loritab..(I had a root canal Monday...still on painkillers, unfortunately)... MAN - that is just wild... you know, I bet ginger would have LOVED to be able to do that type of stuff...heck, she may have been able to... she did the 'water on her forehead' balancing deal in Monkey Business... it's overall pretty impressive stuff, but it is almost 'cringeworthy', if that makes sense...

    ANYWAY - hope to be hearing more from you, Lady Gingerella... and be sure to cruise by G-ology ANYTIME...y'hear?

    Keep up the great work!


  10. Packrat: Aw, thank you for thinking of me! :) Yes, it's interesting that not just one sister was that flexible, but all three!

    Miss Go Lightly: You're so sweet! Thank you for the award :)

    Richard: Thank you sir! Yes, I definitely prefer a more old fashioned feminine look to today's physiques.

    VKMFan: hahaha, I bet watching that while a little whacked out was pretty weird...I found it a little disturbing myself and I was stone cold sober, lol! I always wondered if Ginger had an "official" exercise regimen above and beyond playing tennis and the other outdoor activities she loved...."calesthinics" (or however you spell it) was big back then wasn't it? Either that or she was just one of the lucky blessed ones that was naturally lean.

  11. ...she played tennis two hours each morning, and I know she swam for a decent amount of time... she was just VERY dang active! I could NEVER have kept up with her...but as you well know, I would have definitely died TRYING!!! :-]

    Keep It Gingery, Gingerella! (...or is that redundant?)


  12. *Runs over and gives you a giant welcome back hug!*

    Hi sweet dear, it's beautiful to see you again! Don't worry for a moment about going MIA, it happens to most of us from time-to-time (and can sometimes be a blessing in disguise).

    I wish you continued success with reaching your weight loss goals, and hope that all other aspects of your life are brilliant, too!

    Tons more hugs & blissful wishes for the coming week,
    ♥ Jessica


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