Monday, March 28, 2011

View From My Lap

As I was hanging out online, the following conversation took place on this dreary, dreary Monday:

Max, from my lap, says, "Mommy, when is Spring going to get here?"

"All I can see out the window is snow."


"When will the warm spring sun shine through the window for us to bask in?"

Sisco says, "Yes mommy, where is the sun?  I haven't seen it in so very long now!"

"And all of your little seedlings will need more than the lamp light soon!"

Ginger looks longingly at her tennis ball and says, "PLAY!?"

Leave it to the dog to put it all in perspective.......spring will be here soon, we hope.


  1. What darling kits you have! And Ginger looks cute too (at least from what I could see!) I agree with them all...when is Spring going to arrive? Even my kids were complaining about it this morning!

  2. Beautiful kitties! We had snow the other day here in Lincoln, but it didn't stick around long. Been rainy today. I hear it's supposed to warm up on the weekend. Let's hope...darn Nebraska weather!


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