Thursday, March 10, 2011

There I go, changing things again!

I felt the need, once again, to change up some things on the bloggy here.  Tweak this, rearrange that, and give it a fresh new paint job. 

Oh yeah, and a new name.  Whatcha think?  "Snickerdoodle" is one of my dog's new nicknames (because one can never have enough nicknames for one's pets) and I thought to myself last night, "That would make a terrific blog name!"

So I'm rollin' with it.

I like the fresh spring-y-ness of the green color scheme too.  Now if only the snow would melt!  Come on, Spring!!!

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  1. Is a snickerdoodledoo a new kind of cookie? And where is the snickers bar...and for that matter the doo bar?


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