Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Bit O' Blah....blah.

I had another job interview yesterday (it was a no-go on the one I blogged about last) at a place that I'm not sure I even want to work at. But what the hell, eh? At this point I have no expectations since I've been disappointed so often in this stoooopid job hunt.

Note to self: start playing the lottery.

It's a dreary day here, grey and rainy and cool. Normally I like days like these....when I'm not already depressed, that is. But if it were sunny out, that would probably just piss me off. Yeah, I can be contrary at times. What I really want is snow. Snow! The western half of my state (Nebraska) was supposed to get at least 12 inches dumped on them today. Where I'm at? Nada. Not even a flake. C'mon, Ma Nature....whip up a Halloween blizzard. Pwease?

Today is my Husband's birthday. [waves at hubby!] The blog title is in honor of the occasion. Kinda. More of an inside joke, really. You see, one of our favorite sit-coms of all time is Greg The Bunny. Never heard of it? Don't worry, most people haven't. Eight years ago it debuted on Fox but was canceled after only twelve episodes. It was a brilliantly written and hilarious show that mainstream America just wasn't ready for. Who doesn't think drunk, crass puppets are funny!? It would have been more at home on Comedy Central; in fact ever since its cancellation fans have lobbyed CC to pick the show up and get it going again. Pity it probably won't ever happen.....we just have to be satisfied with our measly twelve episodes on DVD. Back to the blog title....well, it's probably best explained by showing it:

Happy Birthday.....blah. :)

Oh alright, one more, just because it's your birthday.....

How about you....what are some shows you loved and thought were unjustly canceled?


  1. Oh, funny! Happy B-day hubby!

    Fav shows that were cancelled? Where do I begin?

    Eli Stone. I loooved Eli. I would yell ELI! And everyone knew to leave me alone. Great show.
    Life on Mars. Taylor(17) and I BONDED over that show. How could they cancel it?

    Stupid ABC.

  2. Does it seem to you that each year more new shows come out, only to be canceled and replaced almost immediately? I don't remember this much constant turnover from years past....maybe I'm just getting old, lol.

  3. Two...

    Arrested Development and Firefly


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