Friday, October 30, 2009

Trying On Different Hats

Yep, I changed the name and description of my blog. And, I may change it yet again. I'm indecisive that way. :)

I had originally set out for this to be a way to document my health journey, but found I want to write about other things as well. Plus, I have so many different interests - that sometimes contradict each other - that I felt I needed to make this a catch-all place to hold them. There are many different pieces to the puzzle that is yours truly.

So....does this new title capture what I'm trying to convey? Any suggestions?

(and Husband, I took off the comment word verification thingy just for you....see, I really do love you! hehehe)


  1. I like the picture! :) I'm not Husband *lol* but thanks from me for taking off the word verification thingy :)

  2. Haha...welcome Smiley!

    Husband tried several times last night to leave a comment anonymously (under pain of death from me if he didn't, lol!) but the word verification kept telling him over and over what he typed was wrong. Finally after the fifth try he was so mad he almost threw the keyboard...and I told him he was off the hook. ;)

  3. Yeah, damn computer!

  4. 'A day in the life of me' is a good title, it allows you to cover everything. As you can tell from your visits to the BlackLOG I like random....

    Poor Hubby he sounds like a Blog Widow like Mrs B...

  5. YAY! Word verification is history!

    I like the new look! Hey, whatever makes you happy, sweetie....we'll all roll with it.

  6. Make it do whatever you want it to do.

    And hey, let's not pretend that women wouldn't enjoy a verification process for some of their husbands' real-world comments, too.

    "You sure you want to say that?..."

  7. Hi there

    Yes, I do like your new title, it's a little like mine, so that my blog can cover anything and everything.

    Thanks so much for your comment on my Memorial post for my Mother.

    Gingeyginge and I are just work colleagues, but I think anyone would like to have her as a sister, she is really lovely and easy to get along with too.

    I have been researching my family tree for more than 10 years and I am still stuck on some bits of it. Part of my family originate from North Yorkshire and we took a holiday there a couple of years ago so I could visit my great grandfather's grave (stuck on his parents etc - boo hoo) and search the various churchyards for more clues. It's a lovely part of the country.

    I did put my tree on Tribal Pages but stopped subscribing because I wasn't getting many comments. I'm sure you can still visit the site and see the tree although there are only a few photos of there now - you can find me as yvonne66south, the visitor password is nelson if you want to take a look. The Dobson family and Allsop family are relatives from Yorkshire.

    I did mean to continue the ancestry blog and put more photos on but somehow I've got bogged down in my day to day postings instead and I am probably just going to put all my postings on the one blog from now one. I will add some more photos when I get time.

    I think you mentioned Trick or Treat on a comment on Gingeyginge's blog, that's how I found you, and I love your blog. I am going to do a post on my 'Trick or Treating'days and Bonfire Night too.

  8. Oh, meant to say, the word verification thingy doesn't bother me - men eh!!!

    The bit I don't like is when you can't just post a comment here, Gingeyginge changed hers at one point and I wasn't sure how to comment so asked her to put the ordinary comment thingy back and she did - see, she's like that, a nice lady.

  9. I logged on this morning to find lots o' comments that brought a smile to my face...thanks everyone!

    BlackLOG: Hey, thanks for stopping by! :) Yes, he's a blog I used to pester him to blog himself but stopped after he threatened divorce. ;)

    Kathryn: I had actually forgotten I had it set up like that until I heard mad grunting coming from the office and saw Husband's eye twitching, lol

    Straight Guy: I think you may be onto something with real world comment verification... ;)

    Jordiegirl: You're most welcome! You know, all my life I've always loved learning about everything to do with the UK...I guess you could call me an angliophile, lol...and when I was a teen I became obsessed with Sheffield and Yorkshire because my favorite band, Def Leppard, came from there. Well, my obsession with the band has passed upon entering adulthood, but my obsession with learning all about Yorkshire hasn't. Imagine my pleasant shock to learn that I have blood ties to that area; I always knew there had to be some other reason I was drawn to that place!

  10. How eerie is that Gingerella - you had an interest in Yorkshire then found you had family ties with it. I'm a bit like that with the Titanic, love anything about it, but as yet have not found any connection with my ancestors sadly.

    As I have said some of my family came from North Yorkshire so I have some photos of the area, I will post them when I have time, and any other photos of different areas of England.

    I have done my Halloween post if you would like to take a look.

    I am so pleased I found your blog by way of Gingeyginge, I'll definitely keep checking back in here.

    Hope your weekend is going well.

  11. Thank you for your kind comment...Yes I wear my hair vintage every day...Couldn't help but notice my name in the above comments...


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