Friday, October 23, 2009

TGIF...Now Give Me Some News!

I'm sitting at my desk at work, watching the minutes slowly tick by. The wait is agonizing. Will today be the day I find out my job fate?

The clothing store headquarters job is least I haven't been called back for a second interview yet (hmph!) so I'm assuming it's out. But the other interview I had last week, for the different department on campus....that went extremely well I thought. They said they'd be hopefully making a decision and letting me know this week....well, it's Friday now and still no word. Come on people, don't you know what this is doing to me!? Even if it's a NO, just let me know so I can stop going stark raving mad with worry!

I do have another interview scheduled for next Wednesday for a job off campus, so I guess if this one doesn't pan out I still have an iron in the fire. Sigh.

I know it could be worse. I could be unemployed and looking for a job; at least right now I still have a paycheck coming in. I'm trying to be patient and positive and a good lil' trooper, because that's all I can do, that's all I have control over. My reserves are nearing the end though and I'm hanging on by a thread that's going to snap soon. ARGH!

Vent over. Deep breath.

Onto other good thing that's been happening amidst all my chaos: *drum roll* I have new hair growth! Yippee!!

*does happy dance*

I have never been more consciously aware of my scalp in my life than in the last 3 months. Well, when one is in danger of developing bald spots due to hair loss, how could one not be? In my rapid attempt to nip the problem in the bud, I made the following changes:
  • went back on birth control pills, for hormone regulation
  • began taking vitamins and other supplements, including omega-3, biotin, magnesium, and a cinnamon/chromium combo for insulin resistance
  • cut way down on drinking Diet Coke and began drinking lots and lots more water
  • began using Nioxin shampoo/conditioner, which is designed for people dealing with hair loss
  • began implementing dietary changes, cutting down on fast food and eating more fruits and veggies

I still have a long way to go in my health makeover; but these changes over the last few months have started paying off. Last week, as I was running my fingers up under my hair to feel my scalp, I felt what I thought at first to be dry flakiness....but the more I felt, I realized what I was feeling was stubble. I thought, "No Way!" but 'tis true, I got me some new hairs a-growin'! I have no way of seeing it, lacking a powerful magnifying glass and the ability to look that close at the back of my head, but I'm 99.9% certain that's what's going on. Hey, even if it's just a little bit, I'll take it! I don't know if it was just one change I made, or a combination of everything, that made it happen; probably a combination. Now I just have to keep on track and not lose sight of my other health goals.

Let's see, what else is going on in my world right now....I'm still knitting, I've progressed to making a real scarf! I'll post a pic when it's done. I can see this being something I could really get into; in fact I've already bought more yarn and a couple of beginnger instruction/pattern books to continue on with once the class is done. It still amazes me that I'm even doing this, lol.

As I've been in such a depressive funk lately, I've started re-reading the Harry Potter series. Some people have comfort food to escape, I have comfort reading....I'll go back to books I've read hundreds of times before; it's like wrapping myself up in a security blanket or slipping on my most comfortable pair of old sweats. It doesn't matter that I already know what's going to happen.....for a few hours, at least, I can walk into that book's world and get lost in it for awhile before I have to come back to reality. Harry Potter happens to be one of those I turn to frequently when I'm down. Not only is it comforting, but fun.....with each new reading I discover something I'd missed before, some small detail, foreshadowing, new insights, etc. And, as I have very little to do at work, I can visit Harry Potter fan sites and message boards (I prefer to satisfy my inner geek by reading analyzations of every tiny detail......I know, I'm weird!

From Harry to Ginger.....see, I have eclectic tastes....I got to see a Ginger Rogers movie last night that I'd not seen before: Gold Diggers of 1933. She had a bit part, but the movie opens right on Ginger in a skimpy outfit covered in gold coins singing "We're In The Money" (and then later singing it in pig latin, heh). Here's a YouTube clip of that famous opening scene (I tried to imbed it but it kept giving me an error message):

Add one to my collection....recorded it with my good old VCR. Yeah, Husband and I are a bit behind the times, but we don't care. I also recently discovered a plethora of Ginger fans here in the Blogger universe! Gingerology, and Finding Ginger being a couple of blogs I now follow. It's so great to find others who have the same obsessions I do!

Well, that's enough fun for one post. Everyone have a great weekend!


  1. So???? What happened on the job front??? Any word? C''s Tuesday, already!!!

    Don't they know what this is doing to us???!


  2. Ugh, that same day I went home and found my "no" letter in the mail. I do have another interview today though...I'm so ready for this all to be done!

  3. Thank you for your comment...Yes we celebrate Halloween the same...We also have another celebration coming up 5th November, Bonfire night. All over Britain they have huge bonfires and firework displays...This I do not like as I don't like it's history or the fireworks!

  4. Hi there

    I found your blog by way of Gingeyginge so that's how I'm here.

    Sorry to hear about your illness and also that you did not get the job.

    I really came over to answer your comment question on Gingeyginge's blog but she has already said that we celebrate Halloween here and Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night. Think I'll do a blog on both for all to read so they know what we celebrate back in England.

    Nice to find your blog, will keep popping back. Must go as I need to prepare my next post for tomorrow's anniversary.

    Be back soon.

  5. Jordiegirl, thanks for stopping by!


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