Friday, October 7, 2011


Ever go through your blog subscription list, or your browser's bookmark list, and wonder why you ever signed up to follow that site in the first place?

I just spent some time cleaning out my list of blogs I follow here on Blogger, many of them I couldn't remember following in the first place.  Some of them had obviously quit blogging altogether as it had been over a year since they last posted.  Some had moved to WordPress.  A few of them just didn't tickle my fancy anymore.

Perhaps because it's been such a melancholy week for me that I'm thinking this way, but sometimes I wonder if the reason a person hasn't posted to their blog in over a year is because they have had something horrible happen to them or they have died.  Who would think to update their loved one's blog to relate the news?  Or how many spouses or family members would know the log-in information to be able to update the blog?  Unless the blogger was famous and making a living only blogging, I doubt it would happen.

We're taking Sasha to get microchipped today.  It still seems so odd to have her, but I know it will just take time to adjust.  One thing we're learning is she's very possessive of us, especially if she's on the couch laying beside us.  She doesn't want the cats on our lap and has lightly nipped at them a couple of times for being there, which is something we'll have to nip in the bud.  She doesn't seem to realize that she's at the bottom of the pecking order at the moment.

I wonder if she and the cats will ever get as buddy-buddy as Ginger and the cats were?

Ginger and Runty

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