Monday, October 10, 2011

Some Doggy Photos

Some photos of our Ginger through the years.  She had such an expressive face that could be sad, happy, goofy, somber, saucy, you name it.

Feeling very sad as we brought Ginger's urn home tonight.  She's now sitting with Panther on the shelf.

This is the only photo I seem to have of Ginger and me together.  Probably because I was always the one behind the camera.

Cats make good pillows!

I love this photo!

All the cats loved Ginger

This was the last photo ever taken of her, 7 days before her death.

And now some of our new dog, Sasha........

Sasha in the backseat bringing her home from the Humane Society


Sasha loves to look out of the windows

Seeing Sasha on Ginger's bed still gives me a jolt

Sasha had some issues with her spay incision healing so for the last couple of days, and for many more days to come, she has to wear The Cone Of Shame.

Still getting used to things one day at a time, both Ginger's absence and Sasha's presence.


  1. Such sweet pictures. You will always love and miss Ginger, but I hope you will love Sasha, too. A German short hair pointer - that is what we had when my brothers and I were growing up. Now my youngest brother has one.

  2. The "cone of shame" - ha! I love it!


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