Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monkey, Monkey, Monkey!

I bet now you're wondering if I've been hitting the eggnog a little early, right? 

Nah.  But I remember years ago watching MTV and vj (remember those?) Martha Quinn said that on the first day of the month, before you say anything else that day you should say "monkey, monkey, monkey" and it would bring you good luck all month.  I don't know why that popped into my head this morning, but how's that for totally random useless trivia?  :)

Ah, it's December 1st.  Time to start thinking of Christmas decorations and presents and food.  It's all about the food, of course!  And just when I'm re-embarking on my weight loss journey, too.....this is going to be an interesting month! 

I've been hitting the treadmill the last few days (yay me!) and last night I tried a minute of jogging at the end of my 30 minute walking session.  Yowsa!  If I hadn't already known I was overweight and out of shape, that would have opened my eyes for sure, heh.  I'm glad no one could see me huffing and puffing away all sweaty and red-faced....but I'm determined to stick with it and continue to intersperse short bursts of jogging during the sessions to give a little extra oomph to the calorie burning.  Makes sense to me, anyway.

I've received another lovely blog award, this one from the equally lovely Golden Girl of the West.  Thank you so much!

I believe I must forward this on to 7 other fellow bloggers (and thank goodness there's no questions to answer,lol!):

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2.  Born Too Late
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4.  Grayscale
5.  LaPetiteMort
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7.  Dad's Dish Retro Blog

I'll close with a rant.  Our home computer got infected with malware viruses that were too massive for our [cough] outdated anti-virus software to handle so off to the computer doctor it went today.  At the university I work at, our IT department will work on employees' personal computers, for a price of course.  Still, it's cheaper than taking it somewhere else.  We had the same thing happen a couple of years ago and were only charged $30.00.  Good deal, eh?  So I figured it would be around the same price again. 

Nope!  The new rate is.........$125.00.  $30 to $125!?  Yeah, my jaw dropped too.  It needs to be done though, and I wasn't going to haul the heavy thing back out to my car to take elsewhere so $125 it is.  Sigh.  So much for that new digital camera for Christmas.....unless Husband takes pity on me [wink, wink, nudge, nudge].  He he he....love you honey!  [bats eyelashes]

Anywho....all you fabulous bloggers out there:  make sure your anti-virus and anti-spyware software is up to date and working properly.....and see you on the other side!

*edited to add:  I've been having problems with some of the blogs I follow not showing up in the blog updates on my dashboard....so if I haven't stopped by your place lately it isn't from lack of want!  Hopefully Blogger will get it figured out soon....ugh!  I couldn't live without the internet but sometimes I just hate all the hassle computers give us!


  1. Oh dear, I've very sorry to hear about the evil virus that has invaded your computer. This time of year there's so many human bugs going around, it seems to add insult to injury that computers can become invested with their own nasty viruses, as well. I really hope that you're able to get your computer back to good health again soon.

    Wishing you a gorgeous Tuesday and month of December, honey!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I have never heard about the 'monkey, monkey, monkey' thing before, how interesting. My tree is going up tomorrow, and by the time i've finished the house is going to look like Santa's grotto :)
    December always holds me back with regards to my diet, as hard as i try i can't resist mince pies or the chocolates mmmm hehe.

  3. Thank you so much!!!

    I hate evil viruses! Thank goodness we just updated our software.


  4. ...sorry about the computer problems, Gingerella (...G-ella for short? maybe not...) I have been pretty fortunate so far...but I need to get going on the 'bakup' deal... an external hard drive, maybe...I have one, but can't get it to hook up to my current computer... I have heard EHDs are pretty tempermental...
    Sounds like you are doing HIIT (high intensity interval training)...which is supposed to work well...go slow for 10 minutes or so, then 'max out' for a minute...then back to slow for 10 min...etc. hope it works well for you!!! I need to be doing something, too...it's tough to stay at it, but it is worth it!


    PS - as for the 'pinup' pic, not sure what is in the bowl, but about the 'dish' - yowzers!! 8-P

  5. Thanks Betsy for the Award and sorry to hear about nasty virus !
    Tuck your PC up in bed with a hot drink !

  6. Hi, Betsy! Hey, thanks so much for the award, it's my first! :D I've been reading through & enjoying your blog this morning, espeically love all the cute Ginger pics on the side. Really swell job you've done!

    I am with you on trying to exercise and get in shape, and jogging IS hard! A couple years ago I had gotten into the habit of walking the neighborhood every evening (that was when I lived in FL and could do this even in winter!), and after several months I got to the point where I felt like walking just wasn't working me anymore, so i started running. Made it only about halfway down the street that first time before I wanted to pass out, but eventually I got to where I could push myself a little further until finally I could jog for several blocks. Then I moved to Ohio where I'm sedentary all winter and lost all my stamina, so that was the end of that. Until now that is. Just yesterday I decided to do something, ANYthing to get in shape again. I'm a secretary at a university as well, and with my office being on the 5th floor I have the perfect opportunity to run the stairs a few times a day. It's a start!

    I look forward to reading more from you, and thanks again!

  7. Oh...the rhetorical skills of women!

  8. Jessica: I know! As if we didn't have enough to worry about with H1N1, lol.

    Stefanie: I need to get some decorations out too. I haven't been able to get into a Christmasy spirit yet.

  9. Lapetitemort: You're most welcome! :)

    jwalker: Glad you're liking the eye candy, hehehe. Making myself exercise is the hardest part, changing my eating habits isn't nearly as difficult. I need to print off a bunch of pics of Ginger and put them on the wall by the treadmill to keep me motivated!

    Glamour Daze: You're most welcome! I'm really enjoying your blog.

    I wish we could afford to buy a new computer, but as that's not possible I guess we'll just have to take care of the poor old dear.

    Alex: The ol' "secretary spread," yep. Sitting at a desk staring at a computer for 8 hours a day sure doesn't help with calorie burning, that's for sure.

    I know losing weight will help with other aspects of my health, but I'm afraid it's pure vanity that is my motivation right now. I want to be able to wear vintage clothes, or even just reproduction....and most of either one do not come in a size 18!

    Husband: Well, I had to try, didn't I? ;)

  10. Well thank you Lassie! I really dig it!! Will have to post it to my blog later.

    Don't remember Monkey Monkey Monkey, but I DO remember Martha! She was a cutie.

    Oh... and that naughty chef pic above... Ooo La La!!!!


  11. I remember Martha, but don't remember Monkey Monkey Monkey, but maybe I should make that my mantra for better luck this month ;) Thank you for your comment doll, and I hope your pc recovers from the piggy flu soon ;)

  12. Martha Quinn would be shocked to learn of her lasting impact, I'm sure. What happens if you switch it up and chant "Donkey, Donkey, Donkey!"?

    By the way $125 is NOTHING in the world of computer repair or data recovery emergencies. I'm lucky to be on the mac side of the fence, and we still have it much easier than most, but it won't last forever.

  13. Oh thank you!
    I exercise by dancing. I tell you, it works. If I can't convince you, ask Ginger. :) The last time I did an official 'work out' was when I was a sophomore in high school and it was for my P.E. class. Which I skipped all the time. :) I just don't have the will to just exercise.

    I have a mac which doesn't even have anti-virus. So I guess that means I don't have to worry? But I try to be careful anyhow.


  14. Isn't it funny how you can be all fit at one thing and then just a smidge of another activity knocks you out? I used to run all the time but then when I went up a small flight of stairs I be puffing and huffing. Very impressed with you getting in shape at this time of year - when I feel like sleeping all day!

    And thank you, thank you for the award! I love your blog and am so honored that you chose me! Thank you again!


  15. I love that picture!! Monkey,monkey,monkey all the way :) Wow $125???! That's shocking! I hope the Hubby takes the hint lol :)

  16. Dad: glad you dig it :)

    Miss Go Lightly: I was thinking the same thing myself. I could use a little more luck!

    Straight Guy: lol, I'm sure...I can't say I remember anything else she specifically said, but for some reason this stuck. Perhaps Donkey Donkey Donkey would be the antithesis and bring bad luck? ;)

    I know the computer stuff could be a lot more, I was just more shocked at the major price jump! From $30 to $125 is pretty extreme to me.

    Lauren: You're welcome! :) I want my husband and me to take dancing lessons but I have yet to get him on board. I'll keep trying, though.

    Emma: You're welcome! :)

    I've made excuses not to get in shape for years, promising myself "someday" I'll do it. Well, "someday" is now; I ain't gettin' any younger!

  17. Smiley: hahaha, I do too! :) (but I'm not holding my breath on it)

  18. I have another blog award to add to your collection :)

  19. My first visit and I love it!We seem to have some things in common and the retro pin-ups are great.

  20. Aw, thank you for stopping by James! :)

  21. Oh, sure....so I read about the "monkey" rhyme on the THIRD of December...and you KNOW I'll forget by Jan 1st.

    I agree w/Straight Guy....$125 is still a bargain. They charge you $60-$80 as you're walking in the door of most of these geek places and it goes by the hour from there.

    I do envy MAC's and their carefree internet surfing...

  22. Kathryn: I'm seriously leaning towards Mac when it's time for a new computer. Besides, they have better commercials.... ;)

  23. Hope that your PC has now recovered, and congrats on the award!

    Lovely blog by the way, I'm now a follower :)


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