Tuesday, December 22, 2009

T-minus One Hour and Counting

I'm so bored, waiting out this last hour at work before my vacation officially starts, so I thought I would bore you all with some random thoughts, hehe.

  • Walmart is evil and should be avoided at all costs on the best of days, but especially on a Monday that not only is 4 days away from Christmas but is also on the eve of a major snowstorm approaching.  Grrr.
  • My office phone number is one digit off from a taxidermist's number in a neighboring town.  Today I got 4 calls from a frustrated hunter who couldn't figure out why he kept getting me.  I thought about messing with his head when I saw his number pop up on caller ID again, but I didn't.  It is the holidays, after all.

Yikes!  lol

  • How will no-bake cookies taste using natural peanut butter?  Hmmm...

  • I think my co-workers think I'm insane for listening to 30's and 40's big band music on internet radio in my office.  I have yet to get a comment about it, but I can just tell they wonder.  Especially since when I started working here all I ever listened to was heavy metal.

  • I've eaten enough chocolate and snowball cookies to last me two months.  Ugh.

  • Why do people panic and run to the store before a storm comes?  I mean, have we run out of every single morsel of food in the house and will literally have nothing to eat?  And for what, a couple of days?  Has anyone ever actually starved to death because they didn't make it to the store to stock up on pop and chips and were too lazy to dig their car out  snowed in?  It's funny how we all have this lemming mentality over food.

  • Yesterday Husband and I ate lunch at real old fashioned greasy spoon diner downtown called Tex's Cafe.  Real glass plates, pop served in Coke glasses, long counter with round stools, crusty old men customers flirting shamelessly with the waitresses, who called her customers by name.  Best hamburger I've had in months. 

This isn't the one we went to, but isn't it a cool building?

  • I was reading a thread on the Fedora Lounge forum today, where members were fantasizing about building their own vintage town, a Golden Era utopia, and discussing who would do what job and what it would look like, etc.  All in fun of course, but if such a place existed, I'd want to live there in a heartbeat!

  • Ooh, ooh, TCM alert!  If you like the movie musical My Fair Lady, tonight TCM is showing it, and AFTER that they're showing Pygmalian, the original movie/play My Fair Lady was based on.  I'm excited to see how they differ!

  • My dad really enjoyed the little movie I made the other day and appreciated all the nice comments.  Now he's digging around for other old recordings he may have laying around.  I've created a monster!  ;)  And wouldn't luck have it, but we unearthed another photo that I wish we'd had when I put it together, because it's probably the coolest one of them all (imo).  So, I'll share it now.  :)

That's dad at the mic, front and center.

  • [looks at clock, is it time to go home yet?]   Dang, nope.

Well, guess I'll surf some more while I'm waiting for these last 20 minutes to pass.  Sigh, it's a hard life.....  ;)

Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. Great pictures, but love the one of your dad. Looking forward to hearing more recordings. Happy holidays. (May I say Merry Christmas?)

  2. You're a lot more interesting when you're bored than I am.

    Re: Playing music in office - Maybe they think you've 'reformed'? :P
    When I'm driving I blast big band music like other teenagers blast rap. I'll bet my neighboring cars peek my way to see if it's some old geezer in the car, ha!

    I wouldn't know about storing food for winter... I thought that was something bears did.

    "Sometimes I'm a walking contradiction because my interests and opinions vary so wildly!"
    I just noticed you wrote that in your about me, and I said the exact same thing about myself about a month ago. I'm like two people in one.


  3. Packrat: Thanks! I'll see what I can come up with. :)

    Lauren: I can see it now, banging your head to Glenn Miller or something, lol!

    I'm definitely a "jack of all interests" kind of person. I feel at home in a lot of different areas and can switch gears easily. I don't know anyone like that (offline) so I always think I'm weird for it. Here's to eccentricity! :)

  4. By now you're home and hunkered down all cozy and warm. That sign is hilarious for taxidermy and cheese??!! Of course if it's Wisconsin it would HAVE to include cheese, donecha know dere? Merry Christmas to you!!

  5. And don't ever call a jazz musician from the 50's a "hep" cat...he will correct you and tell you he was a "hip" cat. Lawrence Welk was hep!!

  6. That's a really great photo of your dad.

    And I'd probably have messed with the bloke wanting the taxidermist's (as long as it was for something he hunted and not a beloved pet, of course)... but then I have an evil streak like that! Mwa-ha-haa!

  7. Vintage Christine: I just *had* to put that in, it was so funny!

    Husband: You say hep, I say hip....nah, just doesn't work in that song, lol

    Richard: I couldn't figure out why I was getting these wrong numbers so frequently recently, then I realized, duh...it's hunting season, lol! I wonder if he ever gets calls for me? ;)

  8. Nice post for 'random thoughts', Gingerella!
    I was in Wally World today, and now I always think of 'Local' when I am in there (I need to do better with that)...hundreds of 'lemmings' there, and like 6 or 7 of the 50 check-out lines open...par for the course.
    You are exactly like me with the 'Big Band' ephiphany...have always liked it, but just never got around to getting any CDs of it - rectified that recently with a 12 CD box - really cool - each major band from the era is represented... Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington, Artie Shaw, etc... need to crank out some in my car. But yeah, I dig metal, too - although the 'old school' variety from the 70's and 80's...I have pretty wide ranging musical tastes (I am listening to Frank Zappa as I am writing this, if that tells you anything...)
    In the south, if it even gets CLOSE to snow, everyone immediately runs to the store to buy milk and bread...why, just not sure...I can pretty much survive w/o either of them.
    As for the 30's Utopia...it has been well documented that I will serve as Ginger's Cabana Boy... :-)
    ...and keep digging up more recordings and stuff concerning your dad! Cool to be able to document all of that!

    Hope you have a great Christmas, Gingerella!!! (yeah, I said it... :-) )


  9. OMG BETSY HOW DID YOU KNOW? I was just listening to Glenn Miller's In The Mood in the car before I came home and wrote that comment! :X I just need to get Benny Goodman's Sing Sing Sing and then I'll be set.

    And I have really ecclectic music tastes. I listen to classy stuff as well as 'crap' from the current times. I can't help it. A song by The Pussycat Dolls is playing right now on my iTunes, but before you go and hate me, it's called I Hate This Part and I actually don't think it's like any of their other songs. I'm on shuffle, and the next song that just came on is I Dreamed a Dream from Les Mis. I've also got, on my recently added list, Alexi Murdoch, Joe Purdy, The Weepies, Arrica Rose, Death Cab for Cute, Brendan Benson, Andrea Bocelli, and Keane. Lots of stuff. I rarely share my music with anyone though because I don't want to hear people complaining about it.


  10. Huey: I'm still "forced" to shop there right now because it's the only place in town I can get certain items; of course I could always do without or make do with a substitution but there's some things I'm stubborn on. Like my tea for example, I'll only drink Twining's Irish Breakfast...and (sigh) I'm not strong enough in my ideals to say that not giving my business to them is more important than my wants. I am doing more shopping elsewhere too though so it's offsetting it a little.

    I grew up listening to that kind of music (of course) and have always had a liking for it, but the last couple of months have had me actively seeking it out; probably becase I've been so influenced by all the great vintage bloggers here! Lately it's all I've wanted to listen to, to the point that when I hear "modern" music it feels wrong, like I'm cheating or something, lol. Like right now in the other room my husband is watching a Steve Vai concert on DVD and hearing it is just making me want to put on headphones and escape into the past with Jo Stafford!

    Lauren: hahaha! I don't listen to old music in my car, mainly hard rock so I always get a kick out of pulling up to a stop light with music blaring and the person in the car next to me looks over expecting to find a teenager, only to find me, dressed in professional office clothes, heh. Though lately I've only been listening to NPR in the car; I must be getting old or something. ;)

    My music collection is quite the eclectic one too, from Tori Amos to the Dixie Chicks to Weezer to the Gone With The Wind soundtrack. Variety is good. I like Death Cab For Cutie too! :)

  11. My high school classmates listened to NPR, no worries... They tried to have their carpools listen to it too, the ones who are in middle school to 10th grade, and they didn't understand why the carpool kids weren't interested... But then again my mother listens to NPR as well. I only like when they do those brain puzzles. I don't know when that's on though.

    Christmas makes me so sleepy because there is nowhere to go all day. I actually got dressed in real clothes for the first time in years on Christmas, and that was just to go downstairs outside and pick up a gift from my grandmother and great-grandmother. I relished that fresh air though. (Even in LA, air is fresher outside than inside.) Staying home all day makes me feel like I have African sleeping sickness.


  12. A taxidermists and cheese shop? That nearly made me wee myself. Holiday or no holiday, his head would have been messed with were it my phone. It's lucky he got you.. ;)

    Merry Christmas to you and your hubs! :)

  13. PS. Your dad is one rockin' fellow!

  14. You're pretty entertaining...even when you're bored! By now, your vacation is in full swing and I hope you've had a fabulous holiday!
    PS: I never understood the Walmart attraction...LOVE the old-fashioned diners (you're right...best burgers EVER) and I'm just as bad about the pre-snowstorm mentality...and I'm powerless to stop it!

  15. ...Steve Vai shreds... I am pretty big on guitar stuff...have you heard 'Chickenfoot'? that is with Hagar and Satriani...pretty good stuff....as of late, tho, really delved more into the Big Band sound (and any VKM tunes I can scrounge up...)...it's ultimately a 'mood' thing...some times call for Artie Shaw, others call for Metallica...it's a complex thing...

    I am squarely into middle age, because when I see the current 'top 20 list', I honestly don't know ANY of them (maybe one or two)... and what's more, I am really not that worried about it.

    In the final analysis, tho, my musical 'quest' now is definitely retro... Big Band, and stuff even prior to that... 50's stuff is cool, too...I have the Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas CD in my car now...they do a cool version of 'In The Mood' with Christmas lyrics.

  16. Great post.

    Thanks for popping by my blog and commenting on First Footing. I forgot to mention in my post that we weren't allowed to take any rubbish out of the house on New Year's Day because my mam believe you would be taking your good luck out for the rest of the year, we always had to wait until the next day to put anything out!!!!

    I love the old picture of the children with the dog at the top of your blog - I have that picture on a CD-ROM of Joanna Sheen's, it's full of Vintage Christmas scenes - great for Christmas cards - I just love it.

    Happy New Year.


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