Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Give Away at The Curious Pug!

I love finding new sites that pertain to my interests....and as you know one thing I'm passionate about right now is learning to knit and all the other needlework arts.

What do I happen to stumble across today?  The Curious Pug blog, that's what!  Even better, Alycia, the blog owner, is hosting a give away of the La Petite Embroidery Kit from Sublime Stitching!

Check out The Curious Pug and enter this awesome give away!  Every good housewife needs to know how to embroider.  Because I said so.


  1. I started an embroidery project two years ago and I'm STILL not finished with it. It would only take me an afternoon or evening to finish, but I just haven't been in the mood. But the Sublime Stitching site just might put me BACK in the mood. Awesome stuff!

  2. How lovely!! I would love to know how to embroider!!

  3. The mixing bowls in your header picture - my mother had a set of them when I was small, and last summer, my girl friend picked up the complete set at a yard sale. (Drat, she saw them before I did.)

    Embroidery (and crochet and tatting) and I do not get along. Started pillowcases with a kitten design for my granddaughter when she was about six and never finished them. Said granddaughter graduated from high school last June. Hmmmm. Maybe if I procrastinate long enough I can finish them for my youngest child's baby (no husband or baby plans in sight) or a great grand - whichever comes first.

  4. Wow...I wish I had any type of talent at all! Kori xoxo

  5. Ooh, fun! I love the idea of embroidering and sprucing up a bland item from my wardrobe (not that I've done it yet - but I love the idea!).


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