Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you had a fantastic New Year's Eve and rang in the new year accordingly!  Husband and I spent yesterday shopping, ate supper at an awesome new Italian restaurant (it's about time we got one, a good Italian place is something this town has been sorely lacking!) and then came home to watch old movies the rest of the night.  Just the perfect way to end 2010 and welcome 2011. :)

One of my purchases yesterday included new yarn and my first set of circular needles for my next knitting project:  a doggie sweater!  Not only will it look so cute on our dog, but I'll be learning new techniques as well.  I have to admit I'm very a little intimidated by it, but I'm determined to master them.  

Today I started the new year off right by walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes.  I was doing so well last spring, so well that I lost 20 pounds, but got way off track and have now gained back a little over half of what I lost.  Time to get moving and eating right again!  At this time next year I will be at my target weight loss of 60 pounds, mark my words!  

What are some of your new years resolutions?


  1. Way to go!

    We're trying to decide what path to take. We toss around the idea of farming. Now, whether we will become urban farmers and just continue to grow our backyard garden or whether we toss it all in and actually try to get land and a real farm is another matter. =)

    Other than that, well, I want to work on me. Making each day count and caring for myself is my goal this year.


  2. Happy New Year! Congrats on getting back on track, we'll be even *more* gorgeous in 2011! xoxoxo

  3. Best of luck on your resolutions. Just make yourself feel better, other than that, there's no pressure. Just good thoughts.

    If your dog likes sweaters, make 10. If not, please don't force the issue.

  4. Good for you on the weight loss! I did the same thing - lost weight and gained half of it back. My jeans are tight and it just irritates me. So I have been on the treadmill again and watching what I eat. I think I'm going to join Curves, too - it really worked for me last time.


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