Wednesday, February 23, 2011

6.5 Pounds Lost!


One week into the low carb diet and I have lost 6.5 pounds.  That is very encouraging.

Now to just keep at's hard to reprogram ones brain to a different way of doing things.  Especially if ones brain wants to stuff its face with every doughnut, cookie, pizza, and candybar in site regardless of being hungry or not.  Argh.

I have one more week to go on the Induction phase of things, and then I'll have to decide if I want to stay on the Induction foods until more weight is lost, or start to transition slowly to more carbs which will slow weight loss down.

I'd love to lose the whole 60 pounds as quick as possible but I don't know if I can keep at it with this much restriction.  Thank goodness I'm not tired of eggs or salad yet.


Whatever it takes.  Darnit, I hate it when reason pops into my head.


  1. Yay Betsy! You should be very proud:)

  2. Wow! Congratulations! I tried a low carb diet for two hours once - that's as long as I could do it. So, well done!!

  3. ...Awesome, Betsy!!! Just remember that those cravings WILL go away soon!

    Hey, Atkins has a lot of 'low-carb' bars, candy, shakes, etc... which, like any other 'sugar-free' offering, is a it of an 'acquired' taste'... but most are fair, and you can get used to them pretty quick...only trouble is they ARE pretty costly... on average about a dollar a pop... but it kinda 'bridges the gap' to give the 'illusion' of eating sweets.
    In a way, Atkins is not too far off from a 'diabetic' lifestyle, and there are quite a few offerings in that section of the store... worth checking out, although it is again, pretty expensive... but, if ya think about it, a lot of 'carb-y' stuff is expensive as well... like cereal, bread, etc... so it isn't all that different, price-wise.

    Induction is not bad once you do it a few weeks... it's definitely a motivation thing!

    Well, have you had pork skins yet? It is about the only 'crunchy' salty deal around, but they are ok... peanuts are not recommended until you 'dial down' a step or two from induction.

    welp, again, great work, and hope it keeps on working for ya - I'm sure it will!!!

    KIG, Betsy!


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