Saturday, February 12, 2011

Living Without TV

After much whining thought, Husband and I decided to take the plunge and cancel our cable subscription.  Not just moving down to a lower, cheaper package, but we got rid of the whole shabang.

We still have our internet service of course, and our DVD player and VCR, but no programming whatsoever.  Doing so will save us $100 a month.

Looking at it like that, it makes perfect sense.  Especially when one is trying to stay afloat financially.

We did this three weeks ago.  I anticipated going through some withdrawal because I just couldn't wrap my mind around being without TCM, The History Channel, and The Food Network.....but amazingly enough I've been doing alright.  I'm surprised at how much reading I've been able to get done, among other things, without the constant distraction of the "boob tube."

Do people even call TVs "boob tubes" anymore?  Would kids today even get what that means?

Probably not.

To soften the blow a little I ordered the first season of the Donna Reed Show on DVD and we've been enjoying slowly making our way through the episodes.  I have to say this is my favorite TV show of the 50's, even above I Love Lucy.

Of course, we could buy a digital converter box and an indoor antenna so we could at least get the local channels for free.....and we still might do so.  But for now we're enjoying the novelty of filling our time with other things.

How about you, have you ever voluntarily given up television?

Would you?

Could you?


  1. We got rid of our TV around 4 years ago. I think it was the wisest move we have ever made. I still 'watch' TV...but we watch what we choose to, without the constant commercials.

    I have found that:

    I find more time to to reading, sewing, crafting etc.
    I am less tense.
    I am less likely to go buy things. Whatever you can think of. I just don't want suff like I used to.
    My kids don't run around with the 'get-me's' like their friends do.
    My kids have no interest in 'pop culture'. They are more inclined to pursue their own interests, whether they are what is called cool or not.

    I could list a number of other reasons I think it was a great idea. Now, when I am around 'regular' TV, I canot stand it. I find it offensive, invasive and annoying.


  2. I gave up my t.v. three years ago. LOVE it. Like you, we still have our DVD player and VCR, but we watch "Hogan's Heroes" a lot plus lots of movies. I get a lot more done without being addicted to the latest reality show! I do watch one show - Mad Men - but I always watch it on Amazon Video on Demand the day after it airs.


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