Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like.....Spring!

February 13.  Sunday.  It's supposed to be cold, snowy, and frigid this time of year.

But not today!  It's a glorious 63 degrees, the sun is shining, and a warm breeze is blowin' through the windows I pried open for the occasion.

The critters are enjoying it too.

This is Max (left) and Runty, in our "office".

This is Sisco, rolling around on the floor of the porch in a sunbeam.

This is Bessie in one of the porch windows, glaring at me for waking her up from a sunny nap.

And this is our dog, Ginger, giving me grinny-face in anticipation of getting a you-know-what.  (read:  walk)

It's supposed to be sunny and warm all the rest of this week, too.  (warm = 50's and 60's)

How's the weather where you're at?

Do you have spring fever?


  1. We had gorgeous weather yesterday in Lincoln, too! I couldn't believe it. Someone said we might even hit 70 this week!!!

  2. Here in Minneapolis we've got several days in a row of temperatures in the 30s. We're terribly excited. :-)


  3. Haha! In Florida, 50s and 60s are a cold snap! Love the happy kitty photos!


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