Friday, February 18, 2011

What Would Ginger Do?


(What Would Ginger Do?)

That's my new motto for staying motivated to get things done!

Inluding staying on this diet.

It's day 4 of low-carbin' it and I'm doing well, despite the severe restrictions I have to follow for the first few weeks.  Meat, eggs, certain veggies, a little cheese, and that's it.  Of all the things I thought I'd be craving.....french fries, potato chips, pasta, wine, chocolate, what I'm craving the most is MILK!  Yes, milk.  Weird.

But, it's working, because I've lost 4 lbs since Tuesday!  I know it's mostly water but seeing the numbers go down every day is just the motivation booster I needed right now. 

To stay motivated, I've been downloading Ginger Rogers photos.  Ginger was very athletic and active, that's how she maintained that svelte figure.  So I'm putting up these photos the treadmill, in my bathroom, at my office at remind me that I CAN lose this weight and be thin again. 

How do you stay motivated?

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  1. Well, there's no doubt you've (visually) hit the nail on the head of how I stay motivated! WWGD, indeed... Ginger keeps me in line on many fronts... but I think that her lifestyle, how active she was, really is a kick in the seat to folks today.. hey, I'm a desk jockey, so activity for me is to stand up and walk to the break room for a glass of ice water... I need to get rolling on exercise...I have NO excuse... I own an elliptical trainer, have all sorts of weight equipment, have a basketball goal in the driveway, and it hit 80 degrees here this afternoon... nope, nada excuses...

    Well, glad to hear the 'A-Train' is gathering steam for you, Betsy!!! Just hang in there another week or so, and those 'cravings' should diminish. It's kinda weird that cheese is ok, but milk isn't... milk has just enough sugar in it to mess up things... cheese, butter, etc. evidently loses that sugar in the process.
    And, it takes about 3 days to get it really going well, so you are really just starting... yep, the first 5 pounds or so will be water, but hopefully you know the 'process' of losing the fat... through 'restroom' 'water loss''s weird, but it works... also, even breathing somehow gets some of the fat to dissapate - hence the 'change' in breath, 'aroma' - just keep in the sugar-free mints...
    ok - hopefully this all makes sense to you - otherwise it sounds quite mad!

    Keep cranking it out, Betsy... and oh yes...




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