Friday, February 11, 2011

Not-So-Healthy-Eating...It Happens

As healthy as I've been trying to eat and cook lately, sometimes the day just calls for delivery pizza.

Last night was a pizza night.  I just couldn't help myself.

And one of the best parts of delivery pizza is....leftovers!

Now, I know that Domino's Pizza has sometimes gotten a bad rap over the years, but I'm partial to it, especially since they've improved their sauce and crust.

Mmmmm......just look at the lovely garlic and spice encrusted crust!  

(Encrusted crust?  Give me a break, it's Friday.)


It's been my goal recently to try and replicate a homemade crust that tastes as good as that one.

So far, I've failed miserably.  

If you have a to-die-for pizza crust recipe, please please please share it with me!  I'll love you forever.  And so will my Husband.  Wait, nevermind.....that would be weird.

Ok, just share your recipe in the comments or post a link.  We'll figure out the love thing later. 

Happy Friday!

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  1. Pizza ROCKS! heh heh... BUT, if you are doing Atkins, here's the deal...
    get 'thin-crust', and all the toppings you like...only pineapple is out (which I always thought was a bit weird, anyway...) - then, you can either eat the toppings off w/o touching the crust (it's a fine ettiquite line, to be sure...) OR, you can just use a fork and grab the toppings off and leave the crust... yes, folks will stare...just tell them this is how you roll now! :-]

    same dela for eating a burger... just rip the bun off arounf the perimeter, leaving just enough to keep fingers from contacting the 'innards' of the burger...

    ...boy, I'm getting really a bit weird, right? but this is how ya gotta do Atkins in 'public' :-]
    KIG, Betsy!!!



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